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Optimal Team Fit:
While it has become standard to find staffing from popular listing sites or staffing providers, at Aim to Simplify, we have found that this method is uncertain.

Aim to Simplify’s vetting process is extensive and our team members are fully integrated into our company. Each of the team members have extensively volunteered for Aim to Simplify’s charity endeavors, and is a highly educated, dependable master in their field. We assess not only what the assistant can do, but also who they are.

Shortly after contacting Aim to Simplify, you will have a telephone or in-person conversation to determine what you need from a Professional Organizer, Personal Assistant, Event Planner and/or other Professional Service Provider. We will also inquire as to what you are like as a person. This helps us to Provide Optimal Team Fit.

Aim to Simplify

Sonya Ziegler

Sonya Ziegler, Chief Executive Organizer

Sonya Ziegler has been simplifying events and people’s lives for over eight years. She has organized for clients from organizations such as San Diego Legal Assistants, Qualcomm, Crotty Consulting, Silverado Dry Cleaners, Cuyamaca College, Soul in the Machine, Foundation for Human Enrichment, Water Fall Music, Baker & McKenzie, Vida Gourmet, Carter Reese Reality Group, and Chantal Sicile-Kira – Author of Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum. Sonya was Personal Assistant to Anthony Robbins – Motivational and Peak Performance Coach and while in the US Navy, she was Personal Assistant to the Command Master Chief at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.
As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Sonya Ziegler is a leader in the Professional Organizing and Event Planning Fields. From planning retirement and advancement ceremonies, being a pioneer in the local fashion show industry, orchestrating unique vineyard weddings and a variety of birthday parties and festivals to bringing a breath of fresh air to the corporate meeting table, she still manages to keep it simple. Sonya helped in raising over $10,000.00 for the Combined Federal Campaign's September 11th Fund while in the US Navy, and was the Lead Event Planner for the Celebration of Life for San Diego’s beloved Thomas Carter, as well as the Event Founder and Planner for The Annual 2006, 2007, and 2008 Pink Party.

Skilled in simplifying homes, offices, events, and lives, Sonya Ziegler finds that simplifying feels good!

Aim to Simplify
John John Butler, Project Manager and Word Wizard

With over 10 years of experience in the technology industry and about the same amount of time in management and communications this San Diego-based Aim to Simplify Affiliate lives to keep it simple! John Butler is a versatile member of the Aim to Simplify Team who, while on or off the job, is reliable, enthusiastic, and humble.

Aim to Simplify is proud to include John Butler as an Independent Professional Organizing Assistant, Event Coordination Assistant, Project Manager, Technical Advisor for events and organizing, as well as a Professional Writer of both fiction and non-fiction.
Aim to Simplify
Ashley Ashley Stephens, Simplification Artist

National Charity League (NCL) Legend for over 7 years, Ashley Stephens takes on philanthropic endeavors such as planning events for Boys and Girls Club of America, Meals-on-Wheels, and Locks of Love just to name a few. Ashley has organized runway and couture shows for industry greats such as Versace, Jessica McClintock, and more. Internationally traveled as a personal assistant for Scarceli Diamonds and Cypress Jewelry, Ashley finds that her delicate approach and attentive nature propels her to cherish each moment as a rare gem.

Aim to Simplify is proud to include Ashley Stephens as an Independent Professional Organizer, Event Coordination Assistant.
Aim to Simplify
Kla Bada Kla-Bada Roberson, Harmony Expert

Kla-Bada Roberson combines a creative mind with an innate talent for organizing which is naturally focused on the whole. Her energetic, holistic outlook goes beyond that which is merely expected. “A personal assistant is like a left hand, knowing what the right hand needs, before the mind even conceives it.” Always thinking 3 moves ahead, Kla-Bada is a determined personal assistant whose goal is to “make certain the clients needs are meet, before the client even has the need.”

Kla-Bada’s experience ranges from managing small businesses to running busy households. Her talents in organizing and personal assisting prove her to be proficient, energetic and uplifting. She is a cherished team member of Aim to Simplify!

Aim to Simplify
Mike Michael Meline, Plastic, Wood and Metal Fabricator

Specializing in custom composite and metal fabrication, Mike has created products such as sporting goods, automotive bodies, parts and chassis, aerospace parts, and revolutionary musical instruments.

Aim to Simplify directs his talents to create custom storage solutions as well as staging and special event props.
Aim to Simplify
Danielle Danielle Ziegler, Food and Beverage Queen

Danielle Ziegler has been a powerful force in the Food & Beverage industry for more than 10 years. From catering grand scale special events to more intimate dinner parties, Danielle Ziegler knows the "ins and outs" of the industry.

If you can mix it, pour it, brew it, age it, blend it, or throw a cherry on top of it, Danielle Ziegler can serve it with style. Along with her knowledge of the world of beer, wine and cocktails, Danielle has a keen taste for food, and the ability to help others savor each moment by bringing them together in unforgettable ways. Danielle Ziegler's unique and upbeat personality shines in all she does. Aim to Simplify is proud to display her talents at each event we create.
Aim to Simplify
Gabrielle Traub Gabrielle Traub, Homeopathic Health Specialist

Gabrielle is a world renowned homeopathic practitioner and lecturer. She is the founder of the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization (WHAO), and the founder of World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Recently awarded an honorary doctorate for her contribution to the profession, Gabrielle Traub is a perfect addition to Aim to Simplify.

With Gabrielle’s mission to help others to attain optimum health in the most gentle, natural way possible, it easy to see why our she is our clients first choice for healing and vitality.
Aim to Simplify
Wendy Wendy Glowski, Web Goddess

With over nine years enjoying life as a Professional Graphic Designer, Wendy Glowski is Aim to Simplify's choice when it comes to website design and other promotional materials. Wendy is down to earth, and yes... she makes what many people think are difficult downright simple.

Wendy Glowski is a leading influence in the Graphic Design market. Her creativity, attention to detail, and reliability have made her irreplaceable to those who are fortunate enough to work with her.
Aim to Simplify
Jason Brooks Jason Brooks, Computer Dork/Genius

Jason Brooks and his team are dedicated to providing friendly, knowledgeable computer support services.

Running your business with as little downtime as possible may seem like a pipedream to some, but we are here to make I.T. happen. Aim to Simplify understands the rigors of looming deadlines and the fact that in business, your most pressing worries should not be about your computers malfunctioning.
Aim to Simplify
Sofia Bergin Sofia Bergin, Graphic Artist

Sofia is a brilliant artist with keen sense for the use of color. Now with nine years of professional graphic and web design experience, she has a knack for generating graphics that exceed customer expectations. Sofia is from Stockholm, Sweden and enjoys life here in Southern

You will be amazed at her ability to take concepts in your head, and make it a reality. From creating brochures and logos to illustrating an entire map of the 44,000 square foot, 2008 Pink Party Venue Space, Sofia Bergin deserves the title we at Aim to Simplify have given her, Graphic Design Goddess.
Aim to Simplify
Bucky Bucky, Tension Relief Assistant

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