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Simplifying Services for Professionals & Businesses

Event Planning

Aim to Simplify Event Professionals offer everything you need – including peace of mind! We bring the discriminating client the highest level of individual attention. Our clients are pleased with our creative and upbeat personality and services. Discover the many event-planning services we provide for you and your family!

Home Organizing

Aim to Simplify specializes in creating smooth-running and harmonic workspaces in the home. Aim to Simplify works with clients to simplify their physical workspace, manage their time effectively, create amazingly easy to use filing systems, and set realistic goals for their home office. In addition, clients learn how to use their computer to organize their contacts, family/work calendars and tasks so that the work environment maintains Optimal Organizational Status.

Life Coaching

Aim to Simplify enthusiastically promotes a more organized world, coaching and assisting clients to simplify the structure of their lives and all that they allow to exist within their space. We utilize our client’s strengths and respect individual lifestyles. With gentleness and patience, Aim to Simplify works with you to create, measure, and achieve goals that are worthy of you! Create a life that matches your inner truth, goes beyond ego struggles, and rests more peacefully in the present moment.