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Know someone who wants to get organized?
Aim to Simplify offers gift certificates for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays and much more!

We also love referrals. Tell your friends, family and co-workers and for every new client you refer, we will give you one FREE hour of organizing.

Did you know? About 80% of your home clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.

Genuine! Not Just Generous: Aim to Simplify goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and reflects genuine concern for society and the earth in all its actions and decisions.

Aim to Simplify Testimonials

“We have found Aim to Simplify’s suggestions and organizing systems extremely helpful for ourselves, our family and our business over the years.  They think creatively by working with what we already have, and minimizing costs if they need to purchase any new storage solutions.  We also like how they helped us make the most of our space; from an overstuffed coat closet turned into an efficient storage room, an unused guest room being turned into a home office, to maximizing the efficiency of every closet in our home.  They also turned piles of unsorted photos into a cherished family heirloom scrapbook.  The amount of time spent searching for things has been cut down immensely and we happily recommend them to our friends and clients.”

-San Diego Legal Assistants, Del Mar, CA

“Aim to Simplify’s event, The Pink Party, allows us to celebrate survival, empowerment, and education in an uplifting environment!”

-Donna Frye - Council member, City of San Diego, CA

“I was drowning in clutter until Aim to Simplify rescued me."

-Niel Lynch, College Professor, Escondido, CA

“Getting and staying organized is fun with the energy and expertise of Aim to Simplify.  They have organized me through two weddings, two new grand babies, and the loss of several loved ones.  Sonya Ziegler of Aim to Simplify put together the entire Celebration on Life for my husband, and her team has been my secret weapon for over 5 years. I am happy to refer them to friends and family.”

-Judy Carter - Carter Reese & Associates, Mission Hills, CA

“It is apparent that the people at Aim to Simplify live by the motto: find what you love and love what you find!”

-H. Eshel - Miami Grille, La Jolla, CA

“The creative approach Aim to Simplify uses to at The Pink Party to spread the word on the prevention of and the therapy for breast cancer is breathtaking!”

-Linda Swanson - Swanson Hand crafted Tiles, Oceanside, CA

“Aim to Simplify is every bit as enthusiastic and supportive as the events they organize.”

-Pete Meisenzahl, Grins 2 Go On Location

“Aim to Simplify knows that combining amazing people is the best way to create an amazing event!”

-Chris Bonang - Luminence Inc., La Jolla, CA

“The only area I had trouble with was the kitchen.  I just did not know how to tackle it.  We were buying things we already had because once it went into the pantry it was lost.  Now, (with the help of Aim to Simplify) we have improved access to what we have, and cooking is more fun!”

-Donald McIlvaine - USN, Golden Hill, CA

“Aim to Simplify has helped us plan several small events, such as book club meetings, holiday parties, and even a few birthday parties.  While one of the events was at a ceramics café, most have been in our home.  We love to keep things simple, so we just turned it over to them.  We are happy we did, because they take care of all the details.  We just show up and enjoy our own parties!”

-Elizabeth S. del Pozo, San Diego, CA