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Congratulations!  You have taken the first step to a more simple and balanced life. 

At Aim to Simplify, we focus on the people not the clutter.  By carefully learning about where our clients are – where they want to be – and taking massive action to get them there, Aim to Simplify hits the mark and has a great time on the way!

Home & Home Office Organizing - How We Can Help

  • Children’s Rooms, Playrooms and Homework Areas – Are they out of hand? Are you afraid to go in there? By working with your child, we can devise a system to put their possessions in order and keep them that way.  Getting started now empowers life long habits.
  • Kitchens and Cabinets – Have all your tools and ingredients in the most appropriate and accessible places. Understand the zones of your kitchen.
  • Closets – Are your closets bulging? We’ll sort, clear and rearrange so the things you love and use most often are more accessible.
  • Home Office/Household Information Center – Coordinate all the members of your family and their schedules. Find important information at your fingertips and cut down on the paper clutter.
  • Personal Assisting – Administrative, errands, shopping, home/pet sitting, house management and more.  Aim to Simplify is a trusted source for all you PA needs.
  • Photo Organizing

Optimal Organizational Status – This is what you define as organized.
Everyone has a different set of values and ideas for how they define their Optimal Organizational Status.

Please take this quick quiz to help us to discover exactly what your desired outcome and definitions are for getting and staying organized. This will help Aim to Simplify establish the foundation that is vital for achieving your goals.

“We can spend our time in beautiful spaces that answer all our needs!”

-Alexandra Stoddard