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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to a more simple and balanced business life.

At Aim to Simplify, we focus on the people not the clutter. By carefully learning about where our clients are – where they want to be – and taking massive action to get them there, Aim to Simplify hits the mark and has a great time on the way!

Business Organizing - How We Can Help

  • Office/Workspace – Aim to Simplify specializes in creating smooth-running and harmonic workspaces

  • Paper Taming - From action files to corporate records, from important tax documents to over stuffed files/piles, Aim to Simplify will make paper management a breeze

  • File Cabinet eDirectory – Aim to Simplify strongly believes in a simple to use file cabinet directory that you can access on your computer. No worries, this does not mean any expensive software

  • Email/Computer Organization – Aim to Simplify will make sure your using your email smartly and remedy your eClutter

  • Storage Space – Working within your budget, Aim to Simplify will design or redesign the precious compartments, closets, boxes, drawers, and spaces that house your most important business items

  • Executive Assisting – Website construction, creating marketing tools, administrative work, travel planning, errands, shopping, and more. Aim to Simplify is a trusted source for all your executive needs.

  • Workflow Systems – Aim to Simplify will work to understand and develop your organizational structure in relation to the many projects and process you undergo.

Studies show that in the average year up to six weeks, per team member, are lost in search of missing paperwork or files. That’s about one hour every single day!


Aim to Simplify