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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Congratulation on your engagement! Now it is time to par-tay! From sexy dance clubs, to more unique experiences, let the experienced staff of Aim to Simplify help you plan where to go, what to do, and how to get there. Once you and your friends are ready for your wild night, give us a call, and get ready for a blast!

We provide the following:

  • Plan and Carry Out Celebration - This is a special time to enjoy, not stress out your friends or worry over the details
  • Arrange Transportation – Limo Service or Travel Arrangements
  • Guest List/No waiting in lines - VIP Treatment
  • Party Décor/Hotel Room Décor
  • Bottle Services In-Room or Table Service and Reservations for dinner, etc.
  • Event Photography- Well known photographers, as well as local sport team and magazine photographers
  • Hospitality – Including arranging private suites for you or your out of town guests
  • Gratitude – Aim to Simplify will ensure everyone is properly thanked, as well as help you to keep track of all the support of your loved ones in order to properly show your appreciation

And much more! We are standing by to make this an event to remember!