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Parties & Special Events

From traditional flair to social chic or casual fun. Birthday Party or Surprise Party or both? Graduation or Retirement, mark this special time of life. Even a Divorce Party to reconnect with lost friends. Let us take care of the details!

Aim to Simplify delights in providing the following services:

  • Plan and Carry Out Celebration - This is a special time to enjoy, not worry over the details
  • Unique Photo or Video Shows – Let us work with you to display the special moments of your special friend of family member
  • Modern and Unique Event Decoration – Flowers, tables, linens, etc., We will take care of it all
  • Food and Drink Service – Aim to Simplify will work to get you the best quality catering at the most affordable price
  • Sound and Stage Management – Check all this off your to do list
  • Cirque Performance - Fire Spinning, Stilts, Floor/Aerial Acrobatics, and more
  • Musical Acts- Well known and independent artists
  • Event Entertainment- Comedy, magic, body painting, caricatures, and more
  • Electronica Music Acts – More than just music, this is an experience
  • Event Photography – First-rate event photographers, as well as local sport team and magazine photographers
  • Take Down – This is the least of your worries, we can take care of it
  • Hospitality – Including arranging private suites for you or out of town guests
  • Gratitude – Aim to Simplify will ensure the catering and other team members are properly thanked, as well as helping you to keep track of all the support of your loved ones in order to properly show your appreciation