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Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is the center of most households and is often the most utilized room in the home, but it is unfortunately the most costly to update.  Often a kitchen makeover can help you to have a newfound love affair with the hub that nourishes your home!

We aim to get in there and finally organize the kitchen, but once things get out of control, the job can seem so daunting and you just do not know where to begin.  To add to that, there are so many other areas of your life calling for your attention.  Aim to Simplify understands this, and we cannot wait to see the look on your face when you walk into your workspace!

We specialize in the organizing of kitchens big or small, and each Simplification Artist loves to cook.  You are in great hands with Aim to Simplify in your kitchen!

Here is some of the kitchen organizing services that we will provide to make your life healthier, safer, and simpler:

  • Replace Containers – Toxic synthetics such as Bisphenol-A and phthalates may be a mouth full to say, but they should not end up in your mouth if possible - plastic food containers are now shown to leach harmful chemicals into many things we consume on a daily basis.  Aim to Simplify will locate these plastics throughout your kitchen and replace them with attractive yet affordable safe alternatives
  • Tame Counter Clutter – Items will be re-homed to maximize your space, and items you use frequently will be less crowded, not to mention how great it feels to spread out
  • Sort Food – Let us update and refresh your pantry and cabinets.  We will make it fun to cook again
  • Nourish, Balance, and Cleanse - With the guidance of homeopathic experts and nutritional specialists Aim to Simplify will work with you to support harmony in the bodies of each member of your family
  • Inventory and Straiten Dishes – We will help you to replace, repair, or donate chipped or damaged crockery 
  • Turn A Junk Drawer Into a Utility Drawer – This is valuable real estate, we will transform it into a useful, organized space
  • Remove HazardsAim to Simplify will provide a comprehensive safety check of your kitchen.  From ground fault circuit interrupters and fire extinguishers,  to clear labeling of products, your family’s safety is a necessity
  • Create a Message Station – If your kitchen allows, we can install a handsome board or communication center.  This can save you space and time
  • Spruce Up – Often, Aim to Simplify will simply replace hardware, add some plants, and purchase a few new products to ignite the love affair with your most utilized room
  • Clean Up Your Cleaning Products - More chemicals can be found under the average kitchen sink today than were present in a fully stocked chemistry laboratory 60 years ago.  Aim to Simplify will work to provide you with realistic alternatives to the harmful products which may be presently harbored in your home
  • Add Some Spice – We will update and properly organize your spices
  • Storage Solutions – From pot racks to wine racks, Aim to Simplify can work within even the most limited budget and décor tastes to maximize and utilize your space

Optimal Organizational Status – This is what you define as organized.
Everyone has a different set of values and ideas for how they define their Optimal Organizational Status.

Please take this quick quiz to help us to discover exactly what your desired outcome and definitions are for getting and staying organized. This will help Aim to Simplify establish the foundation that is vital for achieving your goals.