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Photo Organization

Why take pictures to preserve our memories but then let them lay in boxes or envelopes, never enjoying or sharing them?

Are you procrastinating when it comes to organizing your photos? We would love to help!

Aim to Simplify specializes in the organization and display of photos and memorabilia. This includes:

  • Sorting photos
  • Creating photo albums and scrapbooks (see samples below)
  • Interviewing people to gather family history

If you feel overwhelmed with the volume of photos you have in your possession, we can help by finding out what is important to you and then customizing your photos into a system that is right for you. Your photographs can be sorted by event, special occasions, school year, tribute, portfolios, or chronologically.
You may choose to simply have your photos sorted and placed in a box that is readily available or display your photos creatively in albums.

Some ideas for albums are:

  • New Baby
  • Wedding/Engagement/Anniversary
  • Holidays
  • Retirement Portfolio
  • School Years
  • Sports Activities/Accomplishments
  • Career

Aim to Simplify uses safe, acid-free albums and supplies when creating photo albums and scrapbooks.
Some samples of memory books we have created are shown to the right. Click an image to see a larger view.