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Home Office

Aim to Simplify specializes in creating smooth-running and harmonic workspaces in the home. Our simple solutions create efficiency and increase productivity. Aim to Simplify works with clients to simplify their physical workspace, manage their time effectively, create amazingly easy to use filing systems, and set realistic goals for their home office. In addition, clients learn how to use their computer to organize their contacts, family/work calendars and tasks so that the work environment maintains Optimal Organizational Status.

How Aim to Simplify Can Help:

  • Paper Management – From action files to family records, from important bills to junk mail, Aim to Simplify will make paper management a breeze
  • Workflow Systems – Aim to Simplify will work to understand and increase your organizational structure in relation to the many projects and process you undergo
  • Time Management – We will help you to manage your time successfully
  • Customized Filing Systems – Aim to Simplify will turn your piles into files, and your files into easy to locate references
  • File Cabinet Directory – Aim to Simplify strongly believes in a simple to use file cabinet directory. No worries, this does not mean any expensive software
  • Space Utilization - Let us create a space that answers all your needs. Aim to Simplify knows just the bargain bins, organizers, and shelving units that are effective and elegant
  • Email Management – Aim to Simplify will make sure your using your email smartly

Optimal Organizational Status – This is what you define as organized.
Everyone has a different set of values and ideas for how they define their Optimal Organizational Status.

Please take this quick quiz to help us to discover exactly what your desired outcome and definitions are for getting and staying organized. This will help Aim to Simplify establish the foundation that is vital for achieving your goals.

Niel Lynch

“I was drowning in clutter until Aim to Simplify rescued me."

-Niel Lynch
 College Professor, Escondido, CA