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Personal Assisting

Aim to Simplify will simplify your life by taking care of tasks on your To-Do list. Enjoy life; reap the benefits of our extensive contacts and services to maximize your time and enjoyment.

  • Website Development – Allow the team at Aim to Simplify to bring your creative ideas into reality
  • Computer Networking and Set-Up – Aim to Simplify works with highly skilled and certified computer dorks/geniuses
  • House Sitting – While your away, we can even organize your home
  • Going Green – Allow us to work along side you to improve your effect on the world around you
  • Special Projects – Aim to Simplify’s highly skilled business team will help make your projects a snap, and give you a professional advantage
  • Book Appointments/Schedules – We will handle all the details
  • Cooking and Cleaning – Long day? We understand, that’s why a PA with Aim to Simplify is happy to make sure your nourished and comfortable
  • Household Bill Payment – Paying bills, either online or other methods, will be the least of your worries
  • Romance and Gifts – We suggest, coordinate, purchase and help you set up the most amazing experiences. Brilliant gifts or getaways
  • Health and Vitality – Aim to Simplify is partnered with top nutritional and homeopathic experts
  • Holiday Decorating – Let us add the sparkling touches to your home while you focus on other things
  • Travel Arrangements – Let’s get you from A to B without the stresses of waiting on hold and browsing countless websites for the best deals
  • General Errands – Let us zip around town for you
  • Pet Care – We are animal lovers at Aim to Simplify, so is this even really a question? We can’t wait to meet every member or your family
  • Shopping – One less thing for you to do is one more moment you can spend doing what you love

And More! – Just ask Aim to Simplify!

Optimal Organizational Status – This is what you define as organized.
Everyone has a different set of values and ideas for how they define their Optimal Organizational Status.

Please take this quick quiz to help us to discover exactly what your desired outcome and definitions are for getting and staying organized. This will help Aim to Simplify establish the foundation that is vital for achieving your goals.